Planwerkstatt Carbon Tracker

What is it all about?

Event and trade fair organizers are facing various challenges when determining the exact environmental impact of their projects. So we have created an easy-to-use and mobile-ready webapp to calculate the CO2e emissions: from project kick-off to final accounting, along the entire value chain. Our tool delivers deep and fine-grained insights allowing for effective reductions of the carbon footprint. And of course, for reliable emissions compensation as a last resort.

How does it work?

Step 1: Your project is added to our Carbon Tracker. Each supplier receives a questionnaire matching the specific service scope. Step 2: Suppliers fill out their questionnaires. Resulting emissions are calculated and charted in a project dashboard in real-time.

What else

Besides being of course GHG Protocol and GDPR compliant, our tool is TÜV certified.